Our Services

Our services include a wide variety of print publication types and offerings. From short run printing to mid to long run jobs we can handle any aspect of a print publication. We handle from daily to one time offerings to a wide variety of clients including schools and community publishers.

Services & Specialties

Specializing in Newspaper Printing
Community Newspapers
College and High School Newspapers
Foreign Language Newspapers
Niche/Specialty Publications

Other Specialized & Short Run Printing

Retro LP Inserts
Comic Books
Coupon Bookelt Printing
Inserts & Preprint Printing
Directories and Marketing Communications
Product and Information Manuals
Company Newsletters
Trade Show Collateral Materials
Campaign Printing
Election, Event or State Promotion Posters

Services Beyond Just Printing

Distribution Consulation
Marketing and Rate Card Development
Numerous Resources for Startup Publications
On-site Customer Layour and Paste-Up area
Designer and Graphic Artist Referral Services
Mailing Services

Paper Stocks and Inks Provided

Recycled Newsprint
Electrabrite or Highbrite Stocks
White Book Stock
Soy Based Black Inks
Soy Based Color Inks

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